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Primary Tuition

Primary Tuition

English (P1-6)
Students will able to write efficiently, read effectively, and skillfully use grammar and vocabulary. All written exam components include:
  • Situational & Continuous Writing
  • Vocabulary, Grammar & Close Passage
  • Visual Text and Open-ended Comprehension
  • Synthesis and transformation


English Creative Writing & Comprehension (P1-6)
Students will cultivate writing and reading skills to maximize their scores in composition and comprehension. They will learn the following:
  • Engage in writing techniqies such as Grabber and Zingers
  • Spice up language with idioms, similes, analogies and metaphors
  • Asses organizational patterns, create inferences and conlusions
  • Compare and contrast ideas, concept and topics


Chinese/Higher Chinese (P1-6)
School textbooks will be use as the baseline for improving the student’s Chinese vocabulary. They will also be taught exam-oriented curriculum in order to strengthen their language competencies and ready them for exams.


Chinese Creative Writing, Comprehension, Oral & Listening (P1-6)
Students will practice methods to exceed at writing, comprehension, oral & listening in the latest PSLE format. The student will learn the following:
  • Uses different literary tools like idioms, proverbs, adages, similes and metaphors
  • Obtain answers from passages and rephrase in own words
  • Make perceptive observations and express opinions confidently, using in-house created audtios and videos for oral & listening activity


Mathematics (P1-6)
Students will strengthen theur foundation of the math’s concepts and skills taught in school. They will be given comprehensive activities with past exam questions compiled from various top schools.


Heuristic Mathematics: Problem Solving Strategies (P3-6)
  • Students will learn critical thinking skills and heuristic techniques fundamental for solving mathematical problems
  • Students will be equipped with many different strategies to break down complicated questions into easy-to-grasp solvable problems
  • Students will enable to tackle challenging, high-order word problems in exams effectively and efficiently
  • Model Construction
  • Branch Diagram
  • Make a List
Calculated Guessing
  • Guess and Check
  • Look for patterns
  • Make Suppositions
Unchanged Identity
  • Single Unchanged Quantity
  • Unchanged Difference
  • Unchanged Total


Science (P3-6)
  • Students will deepen their foundation in Science concepts, principles and theories
  • Students will improve thewir critical thinking and process skills that are necessary for scientific inquiry
  • Student will learn to construct hypothesis, generate possibilities, and make sense on information and evidence