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“It’s not just about creativity; it’s about the person you’re becoming while you’re creating.”

Charlie Peacock


Creative Arts and Crafts cultivates creativity which does not just increase a child’s chances of becoming the next Michael Angelo. According to research, creating art may boost young children’s ability to analyze and solve problems in countless ways. It also helps them develop mentally, socially, and emotionally.


5 Benefits of Arts and Crafts:


  1. Improves Bilateral coordination and Fine Motor Skills-
  • Crafts such as colouring, drawing, cutting, and moulding all require students to use both of their hands. This skill is important in other areas of their lives as they continue to grow. These include writing, tying shoes, typing and etc—all of these tasks require increasing amounts of dexterity and coordination; as kids engage in art activities over time, their fine motor skills improve. Moreover, having good bilateral integration is an indicator that both sides of the brain are communicating effectively.


  1. Promotes Creativity
  • Creativity is the ability to think outside the box, to string two unrelated ideas together in a new way. The ability to be creative is vital to the success of children. According to the International Child Art Foundation, “Research indicates that a child who is exposed to the arts acquires a special ability to think creatively, be original, discover, innovate, and create intellectual property—key attributes for individual success and social prosperity in the twenty-first century.”


  1. Art Encourages Neural Connections
  • Art is an activity that can employ all the senses—sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste—depending on the activity. Children’s brain synapse fire away as they experiment and create, or draw form imagination or what they see in front of them.


  1. Art Develops Problem-solving Abilities
  • Open-ended, process-oriented art is nothing but an endless opportunity for making choices, coming to conclusions, second guessing decisions, and evaluating results. Children become more comfortable with uncertainty and remain flexible thinkers, which is a key for creativity and confidence. Your child will practice problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, while encountering with different challenges and projects. Solving these will teach your kid resourcefulness.


  1. Art helps kids Understand themselves and the world around them.
  • Children are considered sponges as they tend to absorb incredible amounts of new information, and they need to process what they have learned in a safe, reflective way.
  • Art allows them to explore feelings and deal with both daily and significant events. Art materials provide a safe outlet for emotions. Feelings and ideas can be reduced to a manageable size and manipulated as desired. Movement, image, colour, line, and imagination all help children express themselves in a multidimensional way—a way that words may not be able to express. Arts and crafts are a great platform for self-expression. Just like all of us, kids need to express themselves and as they grow their identity will be more in need of manifestation. Through arts and crafts they will be able to communicate it visually in a very healthy way.


The students will be learning:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • Craftwork
  • Water Colouring
  • Pastel Colouring

*Note: Lesson plans will depend on the trainers’ specializations.

Course Fees: $220 per term of 12 lessons
(Fees are inclusive of materials)