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Course Content

Our curriculum is carefully planned according to the Ministry of Education’s syllabus.

Our general aim for Primary 1 is to develop your child’s confidence in and enjoyment of the English Language. In this class, your child will acquire creative thinking, grammar, punctuation, spelling, composition writing and comprehension skills needed for the Primary 1 English curriculum. We will also introduce your child to the essential “Process of Writing”, a 6-step process: brainstorm, web, write, make improvements, correct errors and publish.

Our Primary 2 to Primary 6 modular courses provide fun and practical writing activities that adhere to the MOE’s standards and requirements. Primary 2 students will learn and extend their narrative and expository writing skills, as well as broadening their vocabulary. While Primary 3 and 4 students will delve into situational and continuous writing for school examinations. For Primary 5 and 6 the main focus is preparation for improved marks for the composition portion of the PSLE.

Children will learn Literary Devices such as:

  • Smiles & Metaphor
  • Emotive Phrases
  • Building Suspense & Atmosphere
  • Hyperbole & Alliteration
  • Story Settings

Our carefully planned curriculum maximises all marks in the English Composition Exam. Our systematic step-by-step approach makes it easy for young writers to learn.

Course Fees:
$240 per term of 12 sessions (Inclusive of course materials)