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Course Objective

To develop and foster children’s self-confidence, clarity in speech, imagination and creativity. Children will learn speech and drama skills through a variety of creative and fun activities. These skills will enable them to express themselves articulately and confidently.

Speech Training for Children

The gift of language is among the greatest that we have and, if we know how to use and appreciate it, is a very powerful tool, which will not only be of invaluable practical use, but also open up a beautiful and fascinating world of literature and dramatic art.
Children are, of course, introduced to reading and books early in their school career, if not before, but overcrowded classrooms and the increasing demands on the time of a school teacher of today means that he or she cannot hope to give enough individual attention to those who show a particular interest and/or aptitude for reading aloud or reciting from memory. In a world full of easily accessible instant entertainments offering little scope for creativity, the child who has a natural love of words and a drive to self-expression should be seized upon as a rare orchid and nurtured so that he or she does not miss out on the opportunity to gain a range of life-enhancing skills which could go a very long way towards a creatively filled childhood.

Why learn Speech & Drama?

If someone enjoys reading aloud or reciting to an audience, it is quite likely that they will also enjoy performing in a dramatic production. The world of theatre holds a magical fascination to those who have been “bitten by the bug” and can open up a whole new dimension to life. Very few people who undertake drama training, even at degree level or at a drama school, end up as professional performers, but very many people enjoy performing in amateur productions, which can be of a very high standard. In fact it has often been observed that a really good amateur production can sometimes be of a higher standard than some professional ones.
Whether you have ambitions to work in the professional theatre or are an enthusiastic amateur or even a complete beginner, our lessons will give you the stagecraft skills you need to get the very best out of your performances.

The area of speech and drama training is very wide and can provide many useful skills for children with applications in all types of career and in business generally, as well as in the amateur or professional theatre. Some of these are outlined below:

Course Activities

  • Drama
    Students will perform a play or story in the class.
  • Mime and Movement
    Students will express themselves using their body without making any sounds.
  • Public Speaking
    Students will stand in front of a group of audience to speak on any topic.
  • Rhyme/Poetry Recitation
    Students will speak or chant a verse individually or in groups.
  • Reading Aloud
    Students will learn to read a poem or narrative text in front of a group.
  • Choral Recitation
    Students will recite a rhyme or song.
  • Role-Play
    Students will act out a character in a story.


Course Fees

$240 for per term of 12 sessions (Inclusive of course materials)