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Drama Training for Children

If someone enjoys reading aloud or reciting to an audience, it is quite likely that they will also enjoy performing in a dramatic production. The world of theatre holds a magical fascination to those who have been “bitten by the bug” and can open up a whole new dimension to life. Very few people who undertake drama training, even at degree level or at a drama school, end up as professional performers, but very many people enjoy performing in amateur productions, which can be of a very high standard. In fact it has often been observed that a really good amateur production can sometimes be of a higher standard than some professional ones.
Whether you have ambitions to work in the professional theatre or are an enthusiastic amateur or even a complete beginner, our lessons will give you the stagecraft skills you need to get the very best out of your performances.

Course Activities

  • Drama
    Students will perform a play or story in the class.
  • Mime and Movement
    Students will express themselves using their body without making any sounds.
  • Public Speaking
    Students will stand in front of a group of audience to speak on any topic.
  • Rhyme/Poetry Recitation
    Students will speak or chant a verse individually or in groups.
  • Reading Aloud
    Students will learn to read a poem or narrative text in front of a group.
  • Choral Recitation
    Students will recite a rhyme or song.
  • Role-Play
    Students will act out a character in a story.