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Parent of Gloria Danica

Experts say that brain stimulation starts from birth and that a child’s brain is like a sponge, it absorbs everything that is taught to the child. As such, I know that I should let my child to start attending school as early as possible. I researched and found out that my child can start school at as young as18 months old because that is the youngest age that childcare centres can take in. My child started to attend childcare but she fell sick often. My child’s pediatrician said that this was due to my child’s young immune system being exposed to outside environment for long hours at childcare centre. He advised me to let my child attend a school with shorter hours. I withdrew my child from the childcare. After checking, I realised that Star Tots Playgroup also admits children from18 months old .My child started to attend 2 hours daily playgroup at Star Tots. She was coping well and seldom fell sick due to the shorter hours. After she had slowly built up her immune system and I needed to go back to the workforce, I let her join longer hours at childcare again and it was better.”