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Parent of Wei Jie

Going to Star Tots is the first time Wei Jie experience being away from me. I was worried about him but I have to say that you have a way with children and all of them adapted to their new environment in just 2-3 weeks. It is lovely to see them being independent and excited to go playgroup. I want to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful care and learning that you and school had provided Wei Jie. Wei Jie achieved many things I didn’t know is possible in just a few weeks. He could say 1 to 10 in the correct order. He started to recognize shapes. He is able to identify a few shapes successfully. He has some ides of colours. He became more independent and looks forward to class daily. I felt immensely proud of him but I know it is not possible without a skilful teacher. It is lovely to see him being happy and positive on learning. I really appreciate your dedication and love and the extra effort for the children. I highly recommend any child to attend Star Tots Playgroup. It is fun and educational.