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Primary Tuition

Primary Tuition

English (P1-6)
Students will able to write efficiently, read effectively, and skillfully use grammar and vocabulary. All written exam components include:
  • Situational & Continuous Writing
  • Vocabulary, Grammar & Close Passage
  • Visual Text and Open-ended Comprehension
  • Synthesis and transformation


English Creative Writing & Comprehension (P1-6)
Students will cultivate writing and reading skills to maximize their scores in composition and comprehension. They will learn the following:
  • Engage in writing techniques such as grabber and zingers
  • Spice up language with idioms, similes, analogies, and metaphors
  • Assess organizational patterns, create inferences and conclusions
  • Compare and contrast ideas, concept, and topics


Chinese/Higher Chinese (P1-6)
School textbooks will be used as the baseline for improving the student’s Chinese vocabulary. They will also be taught exam-oriented curriculum in order to strengthen their language competencies and ready them for exams.


Chinese Creative Writing, Comprehension, Oral & Listening (P1-6)
Students will practice methods to exceed at writing, comprehension, oral & listening in the latest PSLE format. The student will learn the following:
  • Uses different literary tools like idioms, proverbs, adages, similes, and metaphors
  • Obtain answers from passages and rephrase in own words
  • Make perceptive observations and express opinions confidently, using in-house created audios and videos for oral & listening activity


Mathematics (P1-6)
Students will strengthen their foundation of mathematical concepts and skills taught in school. They will be given comprehensive activities with past exam questions compiled from various top schools.


Heuristic Mathematics: Problem Solving Strategies (P3-6)
  • Students will learn critical thinking skills and heuristic techniques fundamental to solving mathematical problems
  • Students will be equipped with many different strategies to break down complicated questions into easy-to-grasp solvable problems
  • Students will be able to tackle challenging, high-order word problems in exams effectively and efficiently
  • Model Construction
  • Branch Diagram
  • Make a List
Calculated Guessing
  • Guess and Check
  • Look for patterns
  • Make Suppositions
Unchanged Identity
  • Single Unchanged Quantity
  • Unchanged Difference
  • Unchanged Total


Science (P3-6)
  • Students will deepen their foundation in Science concepts, principles and theories
  • Students will improve their critical thinking and process skills that are necessary for scientific inquiry
  • Students will learn to construct hypotheses, generate possibilities, and make sense of information and evidence