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Reasons to start your child young on Phonics Classes

Reasons to start your child young on Phonics Classes – Most of grew up without much childhood education but when it comes to the generation of our children, it is something that we believe has become somewhat essential.

Phonics is a method to teach people usually someone new to the language, how to read and write an alphabetic language.

Phonics is done through demonstrating the relationship between the letters or groups of letters and the spoken language.

It is taught through a few approach:

  1. Through games
  2. Reading books
  3. Learning sounds and their letters
  4. Learning sounds of groups of letters or syllables

1. Head start when your child goes to primary school

Most of the childhood education that anyone goes through usually is for a good head start.

For those with a good command of English, the process of going through Primary School education will be much easier.

The language of instruction in Singapore is English and this is common through out all the other subjects such as Mathematics and Science, not forgetting English language classes.

So with a good command of English Phonics, you are setting your child up for a smoother and much easier time in Primary School and probably many years ahead.

2. Early Childhood learning affects their whole life

The rapid growth in early childhood education has got to do with how early childhood education has life long effects on a person.

The first 5 years of life is when learning is at the fastest. For this period, it is best to pick up languages and motor skills that will benefit you for your whole life.

With this in mind, the early childhood education sector has been growing rapidly as more parents become aware of this.

When it comes to training of skills that are useful, communication skills such as language command through Singapore Phonics Classes will definitely be the key.

English is the commanding language in the world right now and will likely be in strength for at least a few more decades.

Having strong command of a good language will definitely go a long way for the child’s success.

3. Helps them improve their interpersonal skills with classmates

Interacting with our young humans is one of the components that your child will have to go through when they come for phonics classes.

To help each other learn is part of being human and a good reason to start your child young on phonics classes is also to improve on their interpersonal skills.

No one is a silo and having a sociable child helps your child to excel when they move to their primary or secondary education.

Edufarm is a leading Singapore Phonics Classes provider.

We work closely with experienced educators to provide high quality childhood education options for our customers.

For persons that are looking for the following:

  1. Courses for Toddler
  2. Courses for 2 years old
  3. Courses for 3 years old

We recommend you contact us to find out more about what we can provide for you and your child.

Reasons to start your child young on Phonics Classes

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